West Virginia v. EPA: Insurers Should Consider How Big of a Bite the U.S. Supreme Court Took Out of the “E” in ESG | Hinshaw & Culbertson – Insights for Insurers


We have written extensively about environmental, social, and governance (“ESG”) otherwise known as sustainability, and its impact on insurers and their policyholders. We have pointed out how ESG has impacted insurers qua businesses (in terms of their practices and strategies as business entities), insurers qua insurers (in their underwriting practices and the claims confronting them), and insurers qua investors (in making portfolio investment decisions). Insurers and their policyholders, regulators, rating agencies, employees, vendors, and other constituencies are watching closely and are impacting and being impacted by ESG. Insurers cannot afford to ignore ESG or make serious ESG missteps. Although some ESG decisions may seem clear, others may be murky or produce mixed or even negative results. Formulating successful ESG strategies and adroitly implementing them is key for insurers and their policyholders in these times.

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