Health System Dashboard

Newly updated and expanded, the Peterson-KFF Health System Dashboard compiles data on the U.S. health system’s performance in four categories: access and affordability, health and well-being, health spending, and quality of care. Users can explore trends over time, as well as disparities and differences across demographic groups. The dashboard also includes indicators comparing health outcomes and spending in the U.S. to that of other wealthy countries.

A companion brief draws on the dashboard’s indicators to provide a broad overview of quality of care and outcomes in the U.S., and finds that while the health system has improved by many measures, its overall performance continues to lag behind that of comparable countries, and certain outcomes, like longevity and disease burden, are worsening. The brief also considers how the COVID-19 pandemic may impact measures of performance and quality.

The Health System Dashboard is available on the Peterson-Kaiser Health System Tracker, a partnership between the Peterson Center on Healthcare and KFF that monitors the U.S. health system’s performance on key quality and cost measures.