A Marketing and Communications Journey with Triple-I: The AIMU Story

“It’s been a pleasure to deal with Triple- I.  They understand the insurance business.  They are responsive to our needs and our questions and beyond raising the profile of AIMU, Triple-I gives us access to their tremendous body of statistics and research. They provide us with a much more cost-effective solution than other public relations firms could.”

John Miklus, president, American Institute of Marine Underwriters

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When John Miklus joined the American Institute of Marine Underwriters (AIMU) as president six years ago, he discovered the association had been in partnership with the Insurance Information Institute (Triple-I) for more than 20 years. But he wasn’t quite sure just what Triple-I did for their organizations.  He understood that Triple-I provided marketing and communications services – such as writing speeches and talking points on marine insurance issues for past presidents Walter Kramer and James Craig. But what Miklus soon came to realize and appreciate, was Triple-I’s profound understanding of the insurance business that no other marketing and communications firm provided, and the powerful partnership they had forged. 

In years past, AIMU had been hesitant, if not reluctant, to engage the media, according to Miklus.  “Working with the Triple-I changed all that. With adequate coaching and introductions to targeted media outlets, Triple-I facilitated a process that was comfortable and thoughtfully prepared. As a result, we got placement in high level media like the Wall Street Journal, and insurance trade press like Reactions magazine and AM Best-TV: taking us places we’d never been before and never thought we’d go.”  The partnership has not only heightened awareness of AIMU in the insurance industry, but with the public, making them more fully aware of the challenges facing the shipping industry and insuring marine risks.”

Miklus says that partnership with the Triple-I provides
unique advantages his organization can’t get anywhere else.  “It not only raises the visibility and credibility
of AIMU, but also the importance and relevance of the marine insurance
industry, in general,” he said.  “It’s
never been more vital for a smaller niche product line to be connected to the
rest of the insurance industry; our partnership with the Triple-I secures that
connection,” he said.

“This industry is much more complex than most people
understand, but it’s our job to help translate subject matter into accessible
information that’s easy to comprehend,” said Sean Kevelighan, president &
CEO of Triple-I.  “Working with our
partners, we can quickly eliminate any learning curve and immediately provide
marketing and communications services to meet their needs. We know this industry;
we know how to communicate effectively; it’s what we do.”

Triple-I Network

Triple-I serves approximately 70 percent of the U.S.
property/casualty market (members) as well as industries that support the
Triple-I mission such as trade associations, academia and think tanks (clients).
We are the trusted source of unique, data-driven insights on insurance to
inform and empower our clients. Another value Triple-I brings is access to
distribution channels that tie clients to key industry stakeholders such as the
carrier, broker and agency communities.

For 60 years, the Triple-I has been a trusted source of actionable, timely insight for consumers and professionals seeking insurance information.  We are the number one online source for insurance information. Our website, blog and social media channels offer a wealth of data-driven research, studies, whitepapers, videos, articles, infographics and other resources solely dedicated to explaining insurance and enhancing knowledge.

The Client/Triple-I Partnership provides the following marketing and communication services to help elevate your brand:

If you have interest in marketing or communications services for your non-profit or insurance trade association, please contact Michael Barry, Senior Vice President, Media Relations & Public Affairs at michaelb@iii.org.