Linda Goldstein: Making A Difference to Help Policyholders

Loretta Worters, Triple-I’s Vice President of Media Relations, contributed this installment of our Women’s History Month series.

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When Linda Goldstein joined CSAA Insurance Group in 2013,
it was very different from the typical male-controlled companies. What drew her
to the insurer was Paula Downey, the first female president and CEO in the
organization’s then 100-year history. 

Goldstein, who is the executive vice president of
customer experience and marketing for CSAA Insurance Group, noted that when she
came on board she was impressed with the number of women in leadership

Linda Goldstein

“It provided a slightly different perspective than a public
company led by mostly men,” she said. 

Part of that different perspective was how women were
compensated in the organization.  “I’m proud to
say the gender pay gap is not an issue at our organization. I hope more
companies do an extensive pay equity analysis, the same way we did here, so
they can finally close the pay gap,” she said.

companies like CSAA Insurance Group engage in pay equity analysis to ensure
equal pay between employees in similar roles. The objective is to determine
that pay inequities are justified by compensable factors, like location and
tenure, and not by unjustified factors, like gender or race and it has been a
success at the firm.

Goldstein acknowledged that women have been
underrepresented in certain areas of the insurance industry.  “There are different functions where you tend
to see more men versus women, particularly in leadership roles,” she said,
adding, “the insurance industry needs to do a better job of making sure woman are
aware of the great opportunities across all of the functions. There is a
plethora of jobs out there including innovation, actuary, underwriting, service,
claims and marketing.  But the insurance
industry needs to promote those opportunities and support women who seek them
out,” she said.

As people retire, Goldstein hopes more women will be
offered these roles. “Not just from a diversity perspective,” she said, “but
from the ability to bring diversity of thought and focus to the business to
drive profitable and sustainable growth.”

When asked what she liked best about the insurance
industry, Goldstein smiled broadly, “It’s the fact that I know I’m doing
something that helps people.  It helps
them either be prepared and protect what’s most important to them or to be able
to recover from a situation,” she said. 
“Being in California and having seen the devastation of the wildfires
over the past several years and understanding the stories of our policyholders
who have lost everything,” she paused. 
“It really does make a difference.”

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