Learner Insurance Practice In Own Car

Learner Driver Insurance to Practice in your Own Car is a short term online policy, from 28 days cover up to 140 days. We do also offer annual Learner Driver policies – see below for further details.

We offer two types of Owner Learner Driver Insurance policies;

  • Policies for Learners Who Own Their Own Car – short term online policies
  • Policies for Learners Who Own Their Own Car – annual policies 

Benefits of Temporary Owner Learner Driver Insurance;

You can buy your Temporary Owner Learner Driver Insurance immediately online;

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  • From One Month (28 days) up to Five Months (140 days) Cover
  • Drivers Aged 17 – 25 years
  • A provisional driver can purchase an insurance policy for their own car
  • Cover for cars up to group 23 with a current market value up to £20000*
  • Instant cover arranged online and within minutes using a Debit or Credit Card
  • Immediate electronic delivery of printable insurance documents
  • The Learner Driver can get as much extra practice as they like
  • A more cost effective way to practice in addition to your driving lessons
  • Flexibility to drive whenever you need some extra driving practice
  • Your vehicle will have comprehensive cover, which means both the third party and your own car will be covered

Annual Learner Driver Insurance for Your Own Car

We can arrange Annual Learner Driver Policies for Learners who own their own cars. You may also be able to start earning your own No Claim Bonus by taking out an annual policy. If you pass your driving test during the annual policy period, call our Young Driver’s team to discuss what options are available to you – 03303 331 256.

  • Annual Cover Period
  • the vehicle must be owned & registered by the learner driver
  • for drivers aged between 17-25 years of age
  • Opportunity to start earning your No Claim Bonus

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What’s Covered?

  • Damage to the insured vehicle due to an accident
  • Damage or loss caused by malicious damage, fire, theft or attempted theft, or vandalism
  • Legal obligations to third party claims for injury or damage to their property

You can find copies of the policy documents by following this link

The Supervisor

You must be accompanied in the car at all times by an adult who:

  • has held a full UK, EEA or EU driving licence for over 3 years
  • is between the ages of 25-72

* All cars are rated between groups 1 – 50 for insurance purposes. If the car is over group 28 you will be notified during the quote process.

We cannot insure everybody under this policy and have certain exclusions which are shown in the Acceptance Criteria.

Our simple application process will make sure you are eligible for the policy.